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About the Center

The Center for Responsible AI Technologies, founded by the University of Augsburg (UNIA), the Munich School ofPhilosophie (HFPH) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in February 2022, pursues the goal of integratingphilosophical, ethical and social science issues and problems into AI technology development from the very beginning.


With this integrated research approach, the new center will make an important contribution to socially responsible AIinnovations.


Focus & Goals

The Center for Responsible AI Technologies should act as a link and innovation accelerator on three levels:

research and method development

Research and method development on new concepts such as 'embedded ethics', technical-social 'co-creation' as situated practical embedding of AI applications in various fields of application:

→ medicine / care / health

→ Future of work

→ Mobility

→ Climate / Environment

​​This requires an integrated consideration of inter- and transdisciplinary research on AI and its philosophical-ethical and social dimensions with a view to a new relationship between man and machine.


Training students and young scientists to become the decision-makers of tomorrow. By dealing with the ethical and social dimensions of AI right from the start, they become urgently needed experts who have acquired both technical competence and the necessary orientation knowledge in philosophy, ethics and the social sciences. For this purpose, the partners' course achievements are mutually recognized and joint interdisciplinary courses are developed.

discourse and outreach

Social discourse and outreach to discuss these dimensions from multiple perspectives with representatives of a wide variety of social groups and to build further social acceptance through dialogue with citizens, political advice, etc.

→ It is important to make the basis of existing and further developing ethical and social values fruitful in an innovative way for a sustainable, future-oriented relationship between man and machine or for machine-mediated relationships between people (e.g. in different care relationships).

Fokus & Ziele
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